Top 10 Remote Work Tech Solution Companies - 2020

In these pandemic-enforced times of remote working, the office environment has taken a backseat as rapid technological advancement has taken over the reins enabling employees to communicate and collaborate globally, even while traveling. As technology continues to impact workplaces, cloud-based solutions are becoming the proverbial tools of the hour, accommodating options for flexible working styles, whether it be remote work, gig-style jobs, or ‘create-your-own’ work hours. Popular cloud-based tools that make such flexible working arrangements possible include ERP systems, document sharing software, and a plentiful of other office technologies that allow employees to communicate and share information regardless of location.

The technologies that are expected to find immense utility in the remote work scenario are augmented reality and virtual reality (AR and VR) as employers are tapping into these technologies to help engage, train and retain recruits with VR simulations. Technology providers are developing AR software that can transform any space into an infinite workplace allowing remote users to collaborate, share, and brainstorm as if they were in the same room.

Another mainstay in the workspace of late has been artificial intelligence-based tools, which an increasing number of organizations have implemented in some way or form, whether in process automation or as chatbots. As managers spend almost half of their time on project management-related administrative tasks, businesses are focusing on AI-powered management tools that enable project managers to spend more time on activities needing greater attention.

As technology continues to impact both workplaces and employee behavior, CIOReview has compiled a list of “Top 10 Remote Work Tech Solution Providers-2020” that continuously help organizations maintain a unified workforce with their disruptive technologies. This edition also features insights from thought leaders on the latest industry trends, innovations, and best practices.

We present to you CIOReview’s “Top 10 Remote Work Tech Solution Providers-2020.”

    Top Remote Work Tech Solution Companies

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    Banyan Security serves as a go-to partner for enterprises by providing them with the industry's most user-centric, zero-trust, network access solution. Unlike its competitors, who often approach access control from a network perspective, or an identity perspective only, Banyan Security adopts an end-to-end approach. The company’s platform is built on a patented architecture that follows zero-trust principles. As such, it continuously enforces access policies based on a combination of user, device, and application context, while allowing a direct connection between end-users and corporate resources, without getting in the way. The company then authenticates the request according to access policies and the unique TrustScore, enhancing security, reducing clients’ attack surface, eliminating lateral movement, and preventing unauthorized access

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    Octonius is a digital workspace that help teams to work together by improving the process of sharing and working on files across teams. Octonius provides tools for automation that help its clients to create customized workflows and automatically assign tasks depending on specific workflows. The company also brings forth some particular functionalities that allow creating a conversation around a file similar to tagging or mentioning a person on Facebook. The company inculcates machine learning and artificial intelligence within the platform to contextualize information based on the preferences of its clients

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    Created in 2015 to meet the next-generation requirements of WFH and to overcome the drawbacks of existing solutions, cloud-based Simpplr’s intranet software empowers workforce collaboration with a user-friendly and straightforward interface. This allows employees to search quickly, update, and securely share crucial and up-to-date information. . The software offers employees a single source-of-truth to access critical news, information, and content relevant to their work. The auto governance capabilities of the software ensure that content is arranged correctly with the latest updates at the top. Simpplr is completely changing the approach of software implementation and deployment for businesses by eliminating the reliance on IT departments to build an intranet after buying software. By providing a purpose-built intranet solution, Simpplr makes deployment easy without the need for code configuration

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    On a mission to change the way people work and to help teams realize their potential, Swit offers a unified hub for collaboration that seamlessly combines cutting-edge team communication with high-performance task management in a new way. It is an advanced, elegant, all-in-one collaboration app that puts everything—chat, post, file sharing, kanban board, Gantt chart, calendar, and more—inside one simple, stylish design. With the unified platform, users can turn conversations into trackable tasks and share them to chat channels only by drag and drop. They can easily move between different workflows while maintaining context and data, syncing it across all instances

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    Intending to redefine the landscape of in-person and virtual communication radically, Vibe has become a trusted product worldwide. Accruing major consulting firms and finance organizations, Vibe helped keep their business functioning seamlessly.Vibe's open ecosystem allows customers to choose whichever apps suits best for them and their organization. One can join or start meetings with the apps their team loves. They are free to use Zoom, Skype, or WebEx to collaboratively and remotely at the same time. With over 50 integrated apps, Vibe's open ecosystem perfectly streamlines the workflow with integrations to Slack, Jira, Asana, Zoom, and Microsoft Office. Vibe works with the tools already invested in, hence, eliminating additional purchases

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    Leveraging over three decades of experience in the document management space, World Software Corporation delivers a user-friendly, cost-effective, and reliable system, Worldox.. The solution today caters primarily to law firms, financial services, and corporate legal departments and enables its clients to enhance their efficiency via proper management of their crucial documents. Worldox can integrate seamlessly with the Microsoft Exchange Server, and allows for rapid delivery in the translation of email into the appropriate material or content. It enables users to create folders, drag, and drop emails into the system that automatically gets pushed to Worldox for categorization.Worldox offers a cost-effective and reliable document management system to financial services and law firms that enhances the efficiency of organizations by preventing mishandling of files

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    With Asana, remote teams can organize projects, manage shifting priorities, and get work done.Helps teams organize and manage all of their work, from small projects to strategic initiatives by helping to manage everything from company objectives to digital transformation to product launches and marketing campaigns.Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Asana has more than 70,000 paying organizations and millions of free organizations across 195 countries. Global customers such as AB-InBev, Airbnb, Disney, KLM Air France, NASA,, Uber, Viessmann Group, Vox Media, and Zalando rely on Asana to manage everything from company objectives to digital transformation to product launches and marketing campaigns

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    Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams

    The company is providing efficient remote work options through its Office 365 software. Teams across the globe are moving to remote work. Microsoft aims to keep teams connected while they work apart by making Microsoft Teams available to as many people as possible. Teams allows you to chat, meet, call, learn, and collaborate all in one place. Sign up and start using Teams for free today, plus read on for tips for working from home

  • 9 is a cloud-based Work OS, where teams create workflow apps in minutes to run their processes, projects, and everyday work. Teams shape their workflows and projects, code-free, with a platform that adapts to shifting needs quickly, liberates teams from manual grunt work, and connects teams in a collaborative work space. The platform’s features include: customizable workflow templates to manage anything your way, time tracking to meet important deadlines, automations to eliminate manual work, dashboards to gain valuable insights and know where things stand at a glance, and integrations with popular tools and apps to streamline processes. More than 100,000 companies around the world use to free their teams to move faster and let them focus on the work that requires their talents

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    Provides solutions in remote work, distance learning, engineering, and financial services.Instead of a single overstuffed inbox, conversations in Slack happen in dedicated spaces called channels.Slack makes it simple to follow conversations or find important information in an easily searchable archive.Unlike email, Slack lets you choose which conversations are most important – and which can wait.From global Fortune 100 companies to corner markets, businesses and teams of all kinds use Slack to bring the right people together with all the right information. Slack is headquartered in San Francisco, CA and has fourteen offices around the world